Dealer Dragon is a web based dealer solution for automotive aftermarket products. We developed the Dealer Dragon platform specifically with OEM Dealerships in mind. This means we do not sell to the general public or used car outlets. Only new vehicle dealerships. We’ve created an online environment that makes ordering parts an easy and stress free experience.

We offer the latest brands and fitments at competitive prices all under the Dragon umbrella. What really sets us apart is our marketing program and custom built web platform. Scroll down to learn more.


At the heart of Dealer Dragon is our custom web interface and dealer portal. Once you’re an approved customer you’ll receive the keys to a fully customizable retail store front. Through our custom dealer portal managers have the ability to brand their retail site, select what products to show and customize pricing using our Fire Breathing Pricing Tool. Customers only shop for what you want them to and can see an installed price for all products.

Our Fire Breathing Pricing Tool allows all parties to make money with accessories. Parts, Service and Sales percentages can all be adjusted. Customers can shop and view monthly payments based on percentage rates and loan time tables that they chose. Sound great? We think so to. Hand your customers an ipad and let their imaginations go wild.


Coming Spring of 2021!

Need help with marketing? Leave that to our experienced design team by signing up to be a Dragon Elite member. We offer multi levels of dealer participation. Some include point of sale marketing materials ranging from brochures, window stickers, posters and POP displays to help build


awareness and exposure for your aftermarket program. It’s the perfect compliment to your custom retail site. Keep your sales team focused on selling that new car, truck or suv. Let us help accessorize it. Call or email today for more information on this exciting new program.